B & C sells, installs, and services rugged mobile hardware, wireless technology, and tactical gear to enable your personnel to properly serve their agencies and the public they protect.

Through our strategic relationships with world class companies, we are able to service any agency or company who needs vehicle upfitting with first rate technology and unmatched customer service. B & C is a one–stop-shop specialized in total mobile data solutions and complete vehicle upfitting packages.

B & C’s vehicle installations are checked and re-checked by certified technicians at every step of the way to ensure maximum protection from potential hazards. We are committed to building vehicles capable of withstanding the extreme demands of daily use.

B & C’s "office in a car" philosophy means that rugged hardware and mobile data solutions are installed for maximum comfort and functionality. We are sensitive to the human engineering aspect of its services and makes sure that installations meet and exceed standards for aesthetics, ease of use and productivity.

B & C guarantees the quality of its work and the integrity of the components it installs. By utilizing all available factory channels for cabling, our technicians have easier access to problem areas when repairs are necessary. Keeping vehicles on the road and performing to their maximum abilities is crucial to any organization.

B & C is the perfect choice for upfitting and that means components that are installed properly the first time. A commitment to standardized installations procedures, as opposed to excessive customization and complicated schematics, this is what separates B & C from the competition. By adhering to uniform design standards, our vehicles spend more time serving agencies and companies and less time in the repair.